The digital fabrication and a bedside lampshade for your room.






A comfortable place to rest is one of the most essential things for everyone. It doesn’t matter the place you stay, the lightning is something that can change your feelings for real. The yellow or warm color, for example, creates a cozy environment, perfect to sleep or to put in living rooms.

To create a closer personal effect, we can count on the traditional bedside lampshades, those are part of the decoration of any house. Those lamps are very easy to find and available in any shape or size. But, where is the relation to the Digital Fabrication?

Digital Fabrication is the concept to materialize an idea or a 3D model in real physical objects clicking on a button, using tools like 3D printer, CNC Machines, Laser Cutters and other machines.

This concept got a lot of strength in the last few years because of the evolution and miniaturization of the mentioned machines. Today, many people have their own 3D printer in their homes. There is no chance to hide that this is revolutionizing the entire industry, changing the way that all products are being created, produced and supported.

Something that really changed my mind is the power of producing almost anything. People are creating their own stuff instead of buying, from a simple replacement part for a toy or even replacing their decoration items, for printed ones. In fact, this is something cool, the customization level is unique and the price is much cheaper.

Recently, I moved to a new apartment and I was searching for a lampshade to plug into my home automation system. Escaping from traditional stores, the lowest price that I got was something like $20,00.

In the end, I went to the logical path, “print in my printer”. The 3D model took 30 minutes to be made and with just $2,00 of materials I got something really simple and good looking.

My 3D printer is an essential tool and is being part of my life. It helped me a lot, changing the way that I think of how to solve problems. Sometimes, the solution is so simple and for inertia we spend a lot of money and effort doing in the “traditional way”.

So, want to print your lampshade? I have all the files published on the thingiverse:


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